Batterie d'Attention William Lennox

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The BAWL battery (Batterie Attention William Lennox) is a computerized tool for assessing different attentional components. It has been constructed in a neuropsychological aim. However it can be useful in other domains: psychiatry, cognitive psychology, gerontology, as additional informations after physiological examination, etc. With its structure, it targets more specifically the assessment of adult subjects (there are no norms for children populations).

The different tests of the battery have in common the use of simple tasks, solliciting a minimal level of cognitive processing. The majority of the tasks has been constructed from a common structure ( type of items, interstimuli intervals and presentation modalities) in order to favour the reliability for comparisons between tasks. The common structure of most of the proposed tasks improves the control of the implicated variables. The simplicity of the tasks allows their application in a broad range of pathologies, including degenerative diseases.

Material needed : a PC with a Pentium 200 processor, or all more recent material. The software has been tested with Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP and Vista Premium. The capacity of the random access memory has to be at least of 32 Mo for Windows 95 and 1Gb for Vista.
Effective start/end date1/07/07 → …


  • neuropsychology
  • cognitive activity
  • attention disorders


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