ARES-CCD Project: PRD - Establishment of a support platform for training and awareness-raising, diagnosis and development of a control strategy for Brucellosis and Trypanosomiasis in Ecuador

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The cattle sector in Ecuador is facing an increase in the prevalence of infectious diseases with a strong impact on the local and national economy and public health. The project aims to contribute to the control of brucellosis and trypanosomiasis in Ecuador. It will be based on an innovative strategy aimed at setting up an interdisciplinary and inter-institutional platform to centralize and disseminate the knowledge acquired;
validate diagnostic, prevention and treatment tools;
identify an appropriate and sustainable strategy for the fight and control of these diseases.
The platform will make it possible to better inform political decision-makers so that they can take concerted decisions based on reliable scientific information. Capacity building of the platform's actors will improve its operational sustainability and expertise.
The implementation of cascade training will make it possible to reach a large number of actors in the beef and cattle industry and public health. The training and awareness-raising tools will be based on the knowledge acquired from the project (epidemiological situation of the diseases, economic impact, social aspects to be considered for the adoption of the recommended control and monitoring methods, development of diagnostic tools and effective treatment protocols). The establishment of a new research centre for high-risk pathogens (brucellosis and trypanosomiasis) within ESPE will provide the technical and scientific support necessary for the development and validation of diagnostic protocols accessible to large and small producers in Ecuador. The sustainability of the project will be partly guaranteed by the institutional stability of ESPE, its authorities, researchers and its independence from the other actors of the platform. The platform and the research centre will make it possible to respond to the needs of the sector in terms of food safety and will serve as a basis for the implementation of plans to combat and control other diseases of interest to animal and human health.
Effective start/end date1/01/2031/12/23


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