Application of the Data Protection principles to the profiling activities

  • Dinant, Jean-Marc (PI)
  • LAZARO, Christophe (Researcher)
  • LEFEVER, Nathalie (Researcher)
  • Poullet, Yves (Researcher)

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In the context of the so called ambient intelligence, it may be reasonably forecast that the profiling of individuals with regard to their behaviour will became more and more widespread.
At the same time, there is a raising practice of numerous governement agencies to interconnect huge databases to establish statistics more and more sharp even if they remain anonymous.
It can be asseted that such profiling activities are not subject to the application of data protection laws as far as data subjects are not identifiable nor identified.
How far is the Convention 108 applicable in this context ? Must an individual be informed that his data will be used for a statistical purpose and, at the same time,
is it necessary to inform the data subject about the fact that some statsical rules have been applied to take a decision regarding him.
May the data subject access to those statistical data and to their logic. Can he oppose himself to such a statiscal processing ?
Effective start/end date1/12/0630/11/07


  • statistics
  • human rights
  • profiling
  • identity
  • privacy
  • data protection


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