Application of statistical methods to groups of genes biologically bound in microarrays data analysis.

Project: PHD

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The microarrays allow to measure the expression gene profile of an organism at a given time. The microarrays have become a common tool in the laboratories of biology and medicine through their ability to provide high-throughput screening. However, many problems still exist in the interpretation of results (lists of genes differentially expressed between different conditions). Results depend of different preprocessing and statistical processing. The combinations of different methods of preprocessing and processing provide literally millions of possibilities of analysis providing different results. Recently, new methods of treatment have been developed: they are testing groups of biologically related genes rather than each gene individually. The objective of this project is to increase the power of treatments using the ANOVA applied to groups of genes. In order to design relevant groups of genes, which we will use to validate the models, contacts have already been made and more are coming, with teams specialized in biological and medical problems. The results will lead to an expert system to select relevant information in many genomic databases and to build a specific database used to detect differential expression of groups of genes under conditions where which processes are activated or inhibited is still ignored.
Effective start/end date1/10/0730/09/11


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