Animations in the emotional and sexual life at school in French Community of Belgium. Propositions of objectives, themes and strategies.

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An inventory of the educational activities in the emotional and sexual life at school was realized by an interuniversity team (FUNDP, ULG and ULB-Promes), at the request of the Ministry of the assistance to the Youth and of the Health of the French Community of Belgium (Minister Marechal). The Department of Psychology of the University of Namur have Contributed to this inventory. This research was organized further to two noticed: on one hand, a research paper in 2001 which put in evidence the sensitive increase of the number of IVG in the young population. The recommendation of the experts at the origin of this observation was to strengthen the work of prevention in schools, to form the professors as the adults-relay and to include necessarily in the school programs a formation in the emotional and sexual life. On the other hand, a meeting of professionnals in 2002 put in evidence that animations approaching the emotional and sexual life were realized in schools, but it did not allow to identify the contents, the frequency, the pupils who benefited from it, the actors and the financing sources. That's why, in 2003, this inventory was realized. The results indicate that there are educational disparities between the pupils in the sexual and emotional life activities and lack of collaboration between the various speakers (school, presenters, service of promotion of the health at school, PMS,planning familial, parents). The necessity of realizing a program of educational activities in the emotional and sexual life is thus imperative to prevent the risks, facilitate a harmonious evolution of the emotional and sexual life of the young people and assure the coherence of the animations on this subject in French Community. This research was realized in the common education and in the special education.
Effective start/end date15/09/0317/02/04


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  • sexuality
  • education
  • emotional and sexual Life
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