Advancing Clinico-Genomic Clinical Trials on Cancer: Open Grid Services for Improving Medical Knowledge Discovery (ACGT)

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Biomedical researcher has more and more new tools to use finding the mechanism behind disease. The European ACGT project brings together specialised actors to establish a integrated ICT environment enabled with a powerful GRID infrastructure. This GRID infrastructure will give a huge capacity of data storage and calculation.

The technological platform will be validated in clinical trials on the cancer with a selection of pilot trials.

This structure organized by the project ACGT involve an exchange of personal data concerning health. The legal and ethical aspect of the project will determine the legal and ethical principles involved in the European context. Technical solutions to the encountered problems will be identified for a Grid environment and a number of solutions will be presented.
Effective start/end date1/02/0631/01/10


  • GRID
  • ICT
  • clinical trial
  • infrastructure
  • genomic
  • cancer


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