A graphical environment for domain specific graphical modeling languages (MetaCASE)

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Many CASE tools exist to support numerous software engineering methods (e.g. UML). Nevertheless, these tools are very often closed and do not allow users to customise or to extend them. Nevertheless, as an holistic field, software engineering often needs to interact with numerous ad-hoc business (workflows, economics models, security models, specific data models, human computer interfaces modelling ...). For this reason, CASE tools can not meet all the software engineers' expectations.

The MetaDONE project develops a metaCASE software for assisting software engineers during various tasks, such as, domain specific language definition, concrete notation support (both textual and graphical), support of multiple viewpoints, integration of metamodels and models, collaborative work, model transformation, method engineering, process reification. Customisation is the main strength of this tool.

See http://www.metadone.be for more information.
Effective start/end date1/01/03 → …


  • model driven engineering
  • meta modelling
  • metaCASE
  • visual modelling
  • domain specific modelling languages
  • DSML
  • DSL


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