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Photometry and models of long-period asteroids

Marciniak, A. (Contributor), Bartczak, P. (Contributor), Mueller, T. (Contributor), Sanabria, J. J. (Contributor), Ali-Lagoa, V. (Contributor), Antonini, P. (Contributor), Behrend, R. (Contributor), Bernasconi, L. (Contributor), Bronikowska, M. (Contributor), Butkiewicz-Bkak, M. (Contributor), Cikota, A. (Contributor), Crippa, R. (Contributor), Ditteon, R. (Contributor), Dudzinski, G. (Contributor), Duffard, R. (Contributor), Dziadura, K. (Contributor), Fauvaud, S. (Contributor), Geier, S. (Contributor), Hirsch, R. (Contributor), Horbowicz, J. (Contributor), Hren, M. (Contributor), Jerosimic, L. (Contributor), Kaminski, K. (Contributor), Kankiewicz, P. (Contributor), Konstanciak, I. (Contributor), Korlevic, P. (Contributor), Kosturkiewicz, E. (Contributor), Kudak, V. (Contributor), Manzini, F. (Contributor), Morales, N. (Contributor), Murawiecka, M. (Contributor), Ogloza, W. (Contributor), Oszkiewicz, D. (Contributor), Pilcher, F. (Contributor), Polakis, T. (Contributor), Poncy, R. (Contributor), Santana-Ros, T. (Contributor), Siwak, M. (Contributor), Skiff, B. (Contributor), Sobkowiak, K. (Contributor), Stoss, R. (Contributor), Zejmo, M. (Contributor) & Zukowski, K. (Contributor), University of Namur, 1 Feb 2018


Data from: Prudent behavior rather than chemical deception enables a parasite to exploit its ant host

Parmentier, T. (Contributor), DE LAENDER, F. (Contributor), Wenseleers, T. (Creator) & Bonte, D. (Creator), University of Namur, 1 Jan 2018


Data from: Stressor fluxes alter the relationship between beta-diversity and regional productivity

De Raedt, J. (Contributor), Baert, J. M. (Contributor), Janssen, C. R. (Creator) & DE LAENDER, F. (Contributor), University of Namur, 1 Jul 2019


Data from: The topology of a discussion: the #occupy case

Apolloni, A. (Contributor), Bindi, J. (Contributor) & Gargiulo, F. (Contributor), Dryad Digital Repository, 9 Sep 2015


Happiness and Social Behavior

Quoidbach, J. (Creator), Taquet, M. (Creator), Desseilles, M. (Contributor), Montjoye, Y. D. (Creator) & Gross, J. J. (Creator), University of Namur, 1 Aug 2019


Data from: The dimensionality of stability depends on disturbance type

Radchuk, V. (Creator), DE LAENDER, F. (Contributor), Sarmento Cabral, J. (Creator), Boulangeat, I. (Creator), Crawford, M. (Creator), Bohn, F. (Creator), De Raedt, J. (Contributor), Scherer, C. (Creator), Svenning, J. (Creator), Thonicke, K. (Creator), Schurr, F. M. (Creator), Grimm, V. (Creator) & Kramer-Schadt, S. (Creator), University of Namur, 1 Apr 2019