Research Output 1966 2020

Working paper

Microwave Promoted Synthesis of 4,7-Dihydro-1H-imidazo(4,5-e)-1,2,4-triazepin-8-ones as Ring-expanded Hypoxanthine Analogues.

Raboisson, P., Norberg, B., Casimir, J. R. & Bourguignon, J-J., 2002, Synlett.

Research output: Working paper


Novel stereoselective synthesis of vinyl cyclopropane carboxylic esters

Krief, A., Surleraux, D. & Dumont, W., 1999, New Delhgy Insia: New Age International Publishers.

Research output: Working paper

Recent advances in the production of multi-wall carbon nanotubes using various supported cobalt catalysts.

Fonseca, A., B.Nagy, J., Konya, Z., Piedigrosso, P., Hernadi, K. & Van Tendeloo, G., 1999, The Electrochemical Society Inc., Pennington, New Jersey,: P. V. Kamat, D. M. Guldi and K. M. Kadish,.

Research output: Working paper