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Data and results for manuscript "Imaging groundwater infiltration dynamics in karst vadose zone with long-term ERT monitoring"

Watlet, A. (Creator), Kaufmann, O. (Creator), Triantafyllou, A. (Creator), Chambers, J. E. (Creator), Meldrum, P. I. (Creator), Wilkinson, P. B. (Creator), Quinif, Y. (Creator), Van Ruymbeke, M. (Creator), Van Camp, M. (Creator), University of Namur, 1 Mar 2018


CCDC 770696: Experimental Crystal Structure Determination

Tabatchnik-Rebillon, A. (Creator), Aube, C. (Creator), Bakkali, H. (Creator), Delaunay, T. (Creator), Manh, G. T. (Creator), Blot, V. (Creator), Thobie-Gautier, C. (Creator), Renault, E. (Creator), Soulard, M. (Creator), Planchat, A. (Creator), Le Questel, J. (Creator), Le Guevel, R. (Creator), Guguen-Guillouzo, C. (Creator), Kauffmann, B. (Creator), Ferrand, Y. (Creator), Huc, I. (Creator), Urgin, K. (Creator), Condon, S. (Creator), Leonel, E. (Creator), Evain, M. (Creator), Lebreton, J. (Creator), Pipelier, M. (Creator), Dubreuil, D. (Creator), University of Namur, 18 Oct 2010


CCDC 116992: Experimental Crystal Structure Determination

Kuwano, R. (Creator), Sawamura, M. (Creator), Okuda, S. (Creator), Asai, T. (Creator), Ito, Y. (Creator), Redon, M. (Creator), University of Namur, 1 Jan 1999


Additional file 1: of Dynamic denominators: the impact of seasonally varying population numbers on disease incidence estimates

Alegana, V. (Creator), Sorichetta, A. (Creator), Ruktanonchai, N. (Creator), Graupe, B. (Creator), Bird, T. (Creator), Pezzulo, C. (Creator), Wesolowski, A. (Creator), Tatem, A. (Creator), University of Namur, 12 Oct 2016