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Subchronic exposure to titanium dioxide nanoparticles modifies cardiac structure and performance in spontaneously hypertensive rats

Rossi, S. (Creator), Savi, M. (Creator), Mazzola, M. (Creator), Pinelli, S. (Creator), Alinovi, R. (Creator), Gennaccaro, L. (Contributor), Pagliaro, A. (Creator), Meraviglia, V. (Creator), Galetti, M. (Creator), LOZANO GARCIA, O. (Contributor), Rossini, A. (Creator), Frati, C. (Creator), Falco, A. (Creator), Quaini, F. (Creator), Bocchi, L. (Creator), Stilli, D. (Creator), Lucas, S. (Contributor), Goldoni, M. (Creator), Macchi, E. (Creator), Mutti, A. (Creator) & Miragoli, M. (Creator), University of Namur, 24 Jun 2019


Supplementary_Material - How resources determine pulmonary rehabilitation programs: A survey among Belgian chest physicians

Janssens, W. (Contributor), Corhay, J. L. (Contributor), Bogaerts, P. (Contributor), Derom, E. (Contributor), Frusch, N. (Contributor), Nguyen Dang, D. (Contributor), Kibanda, J. (Contributor), Ruttens, D. (Contributor), Thyrion, L. (Contributor), Troosters, T. (Contributor) & MARCHAND, E. (Contributor), Figshare, 9 Apr 2018


Vidéos de Palpation

Hontoir, F. (Creator), Simon, V. (Contributor), Coulon, H. (Contributor), Chabotier, L. (Contributor), Delvaux, J. (Creator), Lacroix, M. (Contributor) & VANDEWEERD, J. (Contributor), Service audiovisuel et transmédia, 2016